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Financing inclusive low-carbon resilient development: The role of national financial institutions in Ethiopia’s Climate Resilient Green Economy

Country report
  • Nanki Kaur
  • Lidya Tesfaye
  • Simret Mamuye

Economic value of camel milk in pastoralist communities in Ethiopia: Findings from Yabello district, Borana zone

Country report
  • Galma Wako

Market chain analysis of live goats: Asaita District, Afar Regional State, Ethiopia

Country report
  • Gebremariam Gebrezgabher Gebremedhin
  • Yemiru Tesfaye

Value chain analysis of the cattle trade in Moyale, southern Ethiopia: An economic assessment in Oromiya Regional State

Country report
  • Zekarias Bassa
  • Teshale Woldeamanuel

The contribution of camel milk to pastoralist livelihoods in Ethiopia: An economic assessment in Somali Regional State

Country report
  • Sisay Kebede
  • Getachew Animut
  • Lemma Zemedu

Impact of camel transportation on pastoralist livelihoods in Ethiopia: Findings from Berahle woreda, Afar Regional State

Country report
  • Selamawit Teklu Araya

Climate Investment Funds: Scaling up Renewable Energy Programme (SREP) in Ethiopia – a status review

Country report
  • Neha Rai
  • Nanki Kaur
  • Daniel Fikreyesus
  • Misgana Elias Kallore