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Taking stock of smallholder inclusion in modern value chains: ambitions, reality and signs of change

Working paper
  • Alejandro Guarín
  • Giulia Nicolini
  • Bill Vorley
  • Emma Blackmore
  • Laura Kelly

(Re)claiming power in value chains: A guide for small-scale farmers and their advocates

  • IIED
  • CSRC

Harnessing Nationally Determined Contributions to tackle loss and damage in least developed countries

Issue paper
  • Ritu Bharadwaj
  • Simon Addison
  • Devanshu Chakravarti
  • N. Karthikeyan
Publication cover

Public participation in climate budgeting: learning from experiences in Bangladesh, Indonesia and Nepal

Working paper
  • Sejal Patel
  • Delaine McCullough
  • Paul Steele
  • Tanjir Hossain
  • Iqbal Damanik
  • Widya Kartika
  • Gulfino Che Guevarrato
  • Krishna Sapkota

Addressing loss and damage: practical insights for tackling multidimensional risks in LDCs and SIDS

Working paper
  • Simon Addison
  • Ritu Bharadwaj
  • Anna Carthy
  • Clara Gallagher
  • Camilla More
  • Nora Nisi
  • Clare Shakya

Averting the crises: how a new approach to debt could raise US$400 billion for climate and nature

Issue paper
  • Sejal Patel

From what works to what will work. Integrating climate risks into sustainable development evaluation – a practical guide

  • Emilie Beauchamp
  • Clarisse Marsac
  • Nick Brooks
  • Stefano D’Errico
  • Nadine Benson

Better cities are possible: responding to the twin crises of climate change and inequality

  • Anna Walnycki
  • Aditya V. Bahadur
  • Tucker Landesman

Mass tree planting: prospects for a green legacy in Ethiopia

Country report
  • Daniel Fikreyesus
  • Solomon Gizaw
  • James Mayers
  • Sam Barrett

Participation and exclusion in mega tree-planting projects: a case study of the Ten Billion Tree Tsunami Programme, Pakistan

Country report
  • Usman Ashraf