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From conflict to consensus: Towards joint management of natural resources by pastoralists and agro-pastoralists in the zone of Kishi Beiga, Burkina Faso

Report/paper, 38 pages
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This paper traces the process that has led to the emergence of a development platform in the zone of Kishi Beiga, situated in the extreme north of Burkina Faso. Home to many different ethnic groups, the complex history of this pastoral zone has at times threatened to derail development initiatives such as the GTZ component of Burkina Sahel programme (PSB), which was launched in 1991 as part of a programme of German development aid to the country. After an initially shaky start, the PSB has facilitated a shift towards consultation rather than confrontation, and now involves a wide variety of interest groups at supra-village level: pastoralists and agro-pastoralists, former slaves and their masters, local people and transhumant herders. ~This report is based on a case study presented at the World Bank International Workshop on Community-Based Natural Resource Management, held in Washington in May 1998.

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