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Ethics and methods in research for community-based adaptation: reflections from rural Vanuatu (PLA 60)

Journal article
  • Olivia Warrick

Overview: Mapping for Change - the emergence of a new practice (PLA 54)

Journal article
  • Jon Corbett
  • Giacomo Rambaldi
  • Peter A. Kwaku Kyem
  • Daniel Weiner
  • Rachel Olson
  • Julius Muchemi
  • Michael K. McCall
  • Robert Chambers

Resource use, development planning, and safeguarding intangible cultural heritage: lessons from Fiji Islands (PLA 54)

Journal article
  • Giacomo Rambaldi
  • Silika Tuivanuavou
  • Penina Namata
  • Paulo Vanualailai
  • Sukulu Rupeni
  • Etika Rupeni