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Routes to change: rural women’s voices in land, climate and market governance in sub-Saharan Africa

Project report
  • Philippine Sutz
  • Emilie Beauchamp
  • Anna Bolin

Agricultural expansion in Zambia: what are the drivers and implications?

Project report
  • Nugun P. Jellason
  • Jacob Mwitwa
  • Elizabeth J.Z. Robinson
  • Barbara Adolph
  • Adam Devenish
  • Phil Franks
  • Geoff Griffiths
  • Pamela Katic
  • Syed Amir Manzoor
  • Adrienne Martin
  • Joseph Tobias

Synthesis of monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) approaches from the Devolved Climate Finance mechanism: lessons from Kenya, Tanzania, Senegal and Mali

Project report
  • DCF Alliance

Synthèse des approches de suivi, évaluation et apprentissage (SEA) tirées du mécanisme décentralisation des fonds climatEnseignements du Kenya, de la Tanzanie, du Sénégal et du Mali

Project report
  • DCF Alliance

Investing in nature for development: do nature-based interventions deliver local development outcomes?

Project report
  • Dilys Roe
  • Beth Turner
  • Alexandre Chausson
  • Emma Hemmerle
  • Nathalie Seddon

COVID-19 and land-based investment: changing landscapes

Project report
  • Clarisse Marsac
  • Nathaniah Jacobs
  • Tehtena Mebratu-Tsegaye

Why eat wild meat? Local food choices, food security and desired design features of wild meat alternative projects in Cameroon

Project report
  • Stephanie Brittain

Using food diaries within a citizen agency framework

Project report
  • Anne-Marie Mayer
  • Alejandro Guarín
  • Giulia Nicolini

Promoting women’s influence in their food systems. Women's influence within food systems outcomes in the Sustainable Diets for All programme

Project report
  • Tarisirai Zengeni

Strengthening capacity for advocacy in food systems of the poor

Project report
  • Natalie Lartey