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Small, but many, is big: a review of issues in assessing the collective scale of small and locally-controlled forest-linked investment

Issue paper
  • James Mayers
  • Lila Buckley
  • Duncan J Macqueen

Artisanal and small-scale mining and agriculture. Exploring their links in rural sub-Saharan Africa

Issue paper
  • Gavin Hilson

Localising transparency: Exploring EITI’s contribution to sustainable development

Issue paper
  • Emma Wilson
  • James Van Alstine

Getting it together: how some local organisations in East Africa have succeeded in linking conservation and development

Issue paper
  • Oliver Hughes
  • Dilys Roe
  • David H. L. Thomas
  • Beatrice Kabihogo
  • David Kimani Kuria
  • James Imbayi Ligare
  • Madeleine Nyiratuza
  • Tinka John Amooti

Development AND Gorillas? Assessing fifteen years of integrated conservation and development in south-western Uganda

Issue paper
  • Tom Blomley
  • Agrippinah Namara
  • Alastair McNeilage
  • Phil Franks
  • Helga Rainer
  • Andrew Donaldson
  • Rob Malpas
  • William Olupot
  • Julia Baker
  • Chris Sandbrook
  • Robert Bitariho
  • Mark Infield

How to Integrate Statutory and Customary Tenure: The Uganda Case

Issue paper
  • R Mwebaza

Intégration des systèmes fonciers modernes et coutumiers: L’example de l’Ouganda

Issue paper
  • R Mwebaza

Implementing Land Tenure Reform in Uganda: A complex task ahead

Issue paper
  • E Nsamba-Gayiiya

Mise en oeuvre de la réforme foncière en Ouganda: les défis à venir

Issue paper
  • E Nsamba-Gayiiya

Pastoral Women and Livestock Management: Examples from Northern Uganda and Central Chad

Issue paper
  • Hedwig Bruggeman