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No hidden catch - Mainstreaming values of small-scale fisheries in national accounts

  • Ina T Porras
  • Essam Yassin Mohammed
  • Ben Milligan
  • Phil James
  • Sarah Harper
  • German Pochet
  • Renato Vargas
  • Eugenia Merayo
  • Paul Steele

Governance Assessment for Protected and Conserved Areas (GAPA) Early experience of a multi-stakeholder methodology for enhancing equity and effectiveness

Working paper
  • Phil Franks
  • Francesca Booker

Special economic zones: engines of development or sites of exploitation?

IIED Briefing
  • Lorenzo Cotula
  • Liliane Mouan

Policy Workshop: Conditional transfers for poverty reduction and ecosystem management

Event/workshop report
  • Ina T Porras
  • Essam Yassin Mohammed

Reconceiving the SDGs as a political force for change

IIED Briefing
  • Tighe Geoghegan
  • Steve Bass

Aid and business for sustainable development. Emerging lessons from effective aid-business partnerships for sustainable development

Issue paper
  • Ben Garside
  • James Luger
  • Aida Kowalska
  • Paul Steele

Climate Change Risks and Resilience in Urban Children in Asia: Synthesis Report for Secondary Cities: Da Nang, Khulna, and Malolos

Working paper
  • Sudeshna Chatterjee

Understanding children’s risk and agency in urban areas and their implications for child-centred urban disaster risk reduction in Asia

Working paper
  • Donald Brown
  • David Dodman

Reducing disaster risks for urban children: insights from four Asian cities

IIED Briefing
  • David Dodman
  • Donald Brown

Foreword: PLA 66 - Tools for supporting sustainable natural resource management and livelihoods

Journal article
  • Camilla Toulmin