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Climate change and biocultural adaptation in mountain communities: second international learning exchange of the International Network of Mountain Indigenous People

… and seeds for climate adaptation and food sovereignty and to protect biocultural heritage and farmers’ rights. It currently includes communities from 10 …
Event/workshop report
  • Krystyna Swiderska
  • Pernilla Malmer

Vulnerable communities: getting their needs and knowledge into climate policy

… more information on the Sustainable Development Goals or to visit our Biocultural Heritage web site. … 17328IIED … 17328IIED … Hannah Reid … Krystyna …
IIED Briefing
  • Hannah Reid
  • Krystyna Swiderska
  • Caroline King-Okumu
  • Diane Archer

Vulnerable communities: climate adaptation that works for the poor

… below for more information on the SDG negotiations or to visit our Biocultural Heritage web site. … 17329IIED … 17329IIED … Hannah Reid … Krystyna …
IIED Briefing
  • Hannah Reid
  • Krystyna Swiderska
  • Caroline King-Okumu
  • Diane Archer

The Tuggoz Declaration on Climate Change and Mountain Indigenous Peoples

… Second International Learning Exchange on Climate Change and Biocultural Heritage, Tajikistan, 11–18 September 2015 We, over 50 indigenous …
  • International Network of Mountain Indigenous Peoples

Designing an effective biocultural heritage indication labelling system. Consultation document

Biocultural heritage is crucial to many indigenous peoples’ livelihoods, …
Project material
  • Graham Dutfield
  • Alejandro Argumedo
  • Krystyna Swiderska

Smallholder Innovation for Resilience (SIFOR) in India - Brochure

… Implications of customary laws and practices” on developing biocultural protocols for ABS (Access and Benefit Sharing) and …
Project material
  • Lok Chetna Manch

Protecting and promoting traditional knowledge in India: what role for geographical indications?

… (GIs) can help communities promote and protect markets for their biocultural products, and are gaining popularity globally as a tool for … hypothesis that GIs can protect traditional knowledge and biocultural heritage. … 16576IIED … 16576IIED … Ruchi Pant … Sustainable markets … …
Working paper
  • Ruchi Pant

Emerging Biocultural Innovations for Climate Resilience in Southwest China - SIFOR Qualitative Baseline Study

… on internal innovations based on traditional knowledge (TK) and biocultural heritage, as well as those developed jointly with scientists and …
  • Yiching Song
  • Yanyan Zhang
  • Xin Song
  • Lila Buckley

Biocultural Heritage innovations in the Potato Park - SIFOR qualitative baseline study, Peru

… This report presents the results of a qualitative baseline study on biocultural heritage-based innovations for food security and climate resilience. It …
  • Asociación ANDES

A glimpse into farmers' seed and traditional cultural activities. Report of the Second Annual Meeting of Farmers’ Seed Network (China). 11-13 January 2015

… the European Union. Follow the links below for more about our work on Biocultural heritage. … G03902 … G03902 … Song Xin … Li Guanqi … Food and …
  • Song Xin
  • Li Guanqi