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Putting indigenous foods and food systems at the heart of sustainable food and nutrition security in Uganda

Discussion paper
  • Angela Kimani
  • Anne-Marie Mayer
  • Krystyna Swiderska

Informal food markets in Zambia: perspectives from vendors, consumers and policymakers in Lusaka and Kitwe

Discussion paper
  • Mutale Mwango
  • Matildah Kaliba
  • Mangiza Chirwa
  • Alejandro Guarín

Beyond maize: Exploring agricultural diversification in Zambia from different perspectives

Discussion paper
  • Marjolein Mwanamwenge
  • Seth Cook

Agriculture, food systems, diets and nutrition in Zambia

Discussion paper
  • Marjolein Mwanamwenge
  • Jody Harris

Chinese agriculture in Africa: perspectives of Chinese agronomists on agricultural aid

Discussion paper
  • Lila Buckley
  • Chen Ruijian
  • Yin Yanfei
  • Zhu Zidong

Participatory Diagnosis of Soil Nutrient Depletion in Semi-arid Areas of Kenya

Discussion paper
  • L N Gachimbi
  • A de Jager
  • H van Keulen
  • E G Thuranira
  • S M Nandwa

Understanding Diversity in Farming Practices in Tigray, Ethiopia

Discussion paper
  • A Beyene
  • D Gibbon
  • Mitiku Haile

Policy Processes in Uganda and their Impact on Soil fertility

Discussion paper
  • B Egulu
  • P Ebanyat

Facilitating Learning Processes in Agricultural Extension: Lessons from Western Kenya

Discussion paper
  • G Baltissen
  • E Wabwile
  • M Kooijman
  • T Defoer

Farmers' Responses to Soil Fertility Decline in banana-based cropping systems of Uganda

Discussion paper
  • M Bekunda