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Ethiopian coffee marketing reforms and smallholder coffee producers: A socio-legal empowerment lens

Research report
  • Alban Mas Aparisi

A Systematic Review of Drivers and Constraints on Agricultural Expansion in Sub-Saharan Africa

Journal article
  • Negun Patrick Jellason
  • Elizabeth Robinson
  • Abbie Chapman
  • Dora Neina
  • Adam Devenish

Supporting smallholders’ decision making: managing trade-offs and synergies for sustainable agricultural intensification

Journal article
  • Barbara Adolph
  • Mary Allen
  • Evans Beyuo
  • Daniel Banuoku
  • Sam Barrett
  • Tsuamba Bourgou
  • Ndapile Bwanausi Kabuye
  • Francis Dakyaga
  • Emmanuel K Derbile
  • Peter Gubbels
  • Batchéné Hié
  • Chancy Kachamba
  • Godwin Kumpong Naazie
  • Ebenezer Betiera Niber
  • Isaac Nyirengo
  • Samuel Faamu Tampulu

Multiple Pathways: case studies of sustainable agriculture in China

Research report
  • Seth Cook
  • Lila Buckley

RRA methodologies workshop in Thailand: a new initiative

Journal article
  • Jules N Pretty

Notes on the RRA Workshop held at IDS, 19 May 1988

Journal article
  • Robert Chambers

Pairwise ranking in Ethiopia

Journal article
  • Gordon R Conway

Direct matrix ranking (DMR) in Kenya and West Bengal

Journal article
  • Robert Chambers