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Access to finance for forest and farm producer organisations (FFPOs)

Research report
  • Duncan J Macqueen
  • Niclas Benni
  • Marco Boscolo
  • Jhony Zapata

Integrating environment and development in Viet Nam: Achievements, challenges and next steps

Research report
  • Steve Bass
  • David Annandale
  • Phan Van Binh
  • Tran Phuong Dong
  • Hoang Anh Nam
  • Le Thi Kien Oanh
  • Mike Parsons
  • Nguyen Van Phuc
  • Vu Van Trieu

Regoverning Markets: A Place for Small Scale Producers in Modern Agrifood Chains?

  • Bill Vorley
  • Andrew Fearne
  • Derek Ray

Participatory poverty research and policy influencing in PRSP processes: the Vietnam case (in PLA 51)

Journal article
  • Hoang Xuan Thanh

Participatory landscape analysis for community-based livestock management in Vietnam (in PLA 51)

Journal article
  • Jean-Christophe Castella
  • Tran Trong Hieu
  • Yann K Eguienta

The use of participatory three-dimensional modelling in community-based planning in Quang Nam province, Vietnam (PLA Notes)

Journal article
  • James Hardcastle
  • Giacomo Rambaldi
  • Barney Long
  • Le Van Lanh
  • Do Quoc Son

Co-learning processes in a participatory poverty reduction scheme (PLA Notes 48)

Journal article
  • Steffanie Scott
  • Truong Thi Kim Chuyen

The seventh helper: the vertical dimension feedback from a training exercise in Vietnam (PLA Notes 46)

Journal article
  • Giacomo Rambaldi
  • Le Van Lanh

PLA Notes 41: General Issue

  • Holly Ashley

Lessons from capacity building at Ha Giang, Vietnam (PLA 41)

Journal article
  • Neela Mukherjee
  • Nguyen Thi Mai Huong
  • Le Van Hong