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Gendered voices for climate action, a theory of change for the meaningful inclusion of local experiences in decision-making

Working paper
  • Susannah Fisher
  • Clare Shakya

Rural livelihood transformations and local development in Cameroon, Ghana and Tanzania

Working paper
  • Griet Steel
  • Paul van Lindert

Mobility and connectivity: driving rural livelihood transformations in Africa

Working paper
  • Griet Steel
  • Paul van Lindert

Why small towns matter: urbanisation, rural transformations and food security

Working paper
  • Cecilia Tacoli

Money is power: tracking finance flows for decentralised energy access in Tanzania

Working paper
  • Erneus Kaijage
  • Shukuru Nyagawa
  • Sarah Best
  • Remigi Cosmas
  • Suzan Temba
  • Benjamin Mtwanga
  • Novetha Mahanga

Making mini-grids work: productive uses of electricity in Tanzania

Working paper
  • Arthur Contejean
  • Louis Verin

Remote but productive: Using energy access investments to catalyse enterprises and income in Tanzania’s rural communities

Working paper
  • Sarah Best
  • Ben Garside

Meeting future demand for drinking water supply in Dar es Salaam: Hydrological modelling of the Ruvu River and assessment of flows

Working paper
  • Joel Nobert
  • Jamie Skinner

Universalising water and sanitation coverage in urban areas: From global targets to local realities in Dar es Salaam, and back

Working paper
  • Gordon McGranahan
  • Anna Walnycki
  • Festo Dominick
  • Willard Kombe
  • Alphonce Kyessi
  • Tatu Mtwangi Limbumba
  • Hezron Magambo
  • Mwanakombo Mkanga
  • Tim Ndezi

Solving ‘wicked’ problems: can social learning catalyse adaptive responses to climate change?

Working paper
  • Marissa Van Epp
  • Ben Garside