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Field Report: Showcasing the Role of Communities in Tackling Illegal Wildlife Trade at the National Elephant and International Rhino Awareness Day in Tanzania

Research report
  • Margareth Mollel
  • Pendael Amos

A Systematic Review of Drivers and Constraints on Agricultural Expansion in Sub-Saharan Africa

Journal article
  • Negun Patrick Jellason
  • Elizabeth Robinson
  • Abbie Chapman
  • Dora Neina
  • Adam Devenish

A stronger voice for women in local land governance: effective approaches in Tanzania, Ghana and Senegal

Research report
  • Philippine Sutz
  • Amaelle Seigneret
  • Mary Richard
  • Patricia Blankson Akapko
  • Fati Alhassan
  • Mamadou Fall

Lessons from piloting the decentralised climate finance programme, Tanzania

Research report
  • Sam Greene

Artisanal and small-scale mining in Tanzania – Evidence to inform an ‘action dialogue’

Research report
  • Willison Mutagwaba
  • John Bosco Tindyebwa
  • Veronica Makanta
  • Delphinus Kaballega
  • Graham Maeda

Chinese investments and Africa’s small-scale producers: disruptions and opportunities

Research report
  • Xiaoxue Weng
  • Lila Buckley
  • Emma Blackmore
  • Bill Vorley
  • George Schoneveld
  • Paolo O. Cerutti
  • Davison Gumbo
  • Kaala B Moombe
  • Stephen Kabwe
  • Jaqueline Muzenda
  • Kingstone Mujeyi
  • Maisory Chacha
  • Maria Njau
  • Jesper Jønsson

Trends in global land use investment: implications for legal empowerment

Research report
  • Lorenzo Cotula
  • Thierry Berger

Reconciling forest conservation with food production in sub-Saharan Africa: case studies from Ethiopia, Ghana and Tanzania

Research report
  • Phil Franks
  • Xiaoting Hou-Jones
  • Daniel Fikreyesus
  • Messay Sintayehu
  • Simret Mamuye
  • Elijah Yaw Danso
  • Charles Meshack
  • Iain McNicol
  • Arnout van Soesbergen

China-Africa investment treaties: do they work?

Research report
  • Lorenzo Cotula
  • Xiaoxue Weng
  • Qianru Ma
  • Peng Ren

Pillars of the community: how trained volunteers defend land rights in Tanzania

Research report
  • Godfrey Massay