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Meeting future demand for drinking water supply in Dar es Salaam: Hydrological modelling of the Ruvu River and assessment of flows

Working paper
  • Joel Nobert
  • Jamie Skinner

Universalising water and sanitation coverage in urban areas: From global targets to local realities in Dar es Salaam, and back

Working paper
  • Gordon McGranahan
  • Anna Walnycki
  • Festo Dominick
  • Willard Kombe
  • Alphonce Kyessi
  • Tatu Mtwangi Limbumba
  • Hezron Magambo
  • Mwanakombo Mkanga
  • Tim Ndezi

Drawers of Water: 30 Years of Change in Domestic Water Use and Environmental Health - Tanzania country case study

Case study
  • Mark R. Mujwahuzi