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Urban Climate Resilience: A review of the methodologies adopted under the ACCCRN initiative in Indian cities

Working paper
  • Divya Sharma
  • Raina Singh
  • Rozita Singh
cover image

Mapping, enumerating and surveying informal settlements and cities

  • Sheela Patel
  • Carrie Baptist
  • Celine d'Cruz
  • Jockin Arputham
  • Jack Makau
  • Skye Dobson
  • Edith Samia
  • Braimah R Farouk
  • Mensah Owusu
  • Joel Bolnick
  • Anna Muller
  • Edith Mbanga
  • Avery Livengood
  • Keya Kunte
  • Michael Hooper
  • Leonard Ortolano
  • Diane Archer
  • Chawanad Luansang

Poverty lines and lives of the poor: Underestimation of urban poverty, the case of India

Working paper
  • Meera Bapat