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A Systematic Review of Drivers and Constraints on Agricultural Expansion in Sub-Saharan Africa

Journal article
  • Negun Patrick Jellason
  • Elizabeth Robinson
  • Abbie Chapman
  • Dora Neina
  • Adam Devenish

A stronger voice for women in local land governance: effective approaches in Tanzania, Ghana and Senegal

Research report
  • Philippine Sutz
  • Amaelle Seigneret
  • Mary Richard
  • Patricia Blankson Akapko
  • Fati Alhassan
  • Mamadou Fall

Rural producer agency and agricultural value chains: What role for socio-legal empowerment?

Research report
  • Lorenzo Cotula
  • Emily Polack
  • Thierry Berger
  • Brendan Schwartz

Improving accountability in agricultural investments: Reflections from legal empowerment initiatives in West Africa

Research report
  • Thierry Berger
  • Lorenzo Cotula
  • Adrian Di Giovanni
  • Mamadou Fall
  • Mark Kakraba-Ampeh
  • Samuel Nguiffo
  • Téodyl N Tchoudjen
  • Eric Yeboah

Africa’s farmland in changing hands: A review of literature and case studies from sub-Saharan Africa

Research report
  • Catriona Knapman
  • Laura Silici
  • Lorenzo Cotula
  • James Mayers

Jeunes citoyens : les jeunes et la gouvernance participative en Afrique (PLA 64)

  • Jessica Greenhalf
  • Rosemary McGee