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Organisation for locally controlled forest business – learning from success: Proceedings of the fourth international Forest Connect workshop

Event/workshop report
  • Duncan J Macqueen
  • Geraldine Warren
  • Anna Bolin

Prioritising support for locally controlled forest enterprises

  • Duncan J Macqueen
  • Emmanuelle Andaya
  • Samuêl Begaa
  • Mario Bringas
  • Martin Greijmans
  • Tony Hill
  • Shoana Humphries
  • Barthelemy Kabore
  • Thibault Ledecq
  • Tabin Lissendja
  • Alphonse Maindo
  • Amalia Maling
  • David McGrath
  • Simon Milledge
  • Femy Pinto
  • Nguyen Quang Tan

What would it take to make REDD+ pro-poor?

Project material
  • Maryanne Grieg-Gran

Prioritising scarce resources for facilitated support of small forest and on-farm tree enterprises: Proceedings of the third international Forest Connect workshop

Event/workshop report
  • IIED
  • Duncan J Macqueen
  • Leianne Rolington

Socio-economic conditions in REDD+ pilot areas: A synthesis of five baseline surveys

  • Synne Movik
  • Gene Birikorang
  • Adrian Enright
  • George C Kajembe
  • Luiza Lima
  • Suelen Marostica
  • Thais Megid Pinto
  • Gorettie N Nabanoga
  • Maria Nantongo
  • Justine Namaalwa
  • Dos Santos A Silayo
  • Arild Vatn