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Economic incentives for sustainable hilsa fishing in Bangladesh: an analysis of the legal and institutional framework

Journal article
  • Md Monirul Islam
  • Essam Yassin Mohammed
  • Md Liaquat Ali

Assessing preferences for compensation packages using the discrete choice method: the case of the Bolsa Floresta program in Amazonas, Brazil

Journal article
  • Essam Yassin Mohammed
  • Ina T Porras
  • Maryanne Grieg-Gran
  • Luiza Lima
  • Afriano Soares
  • Joao Tezza Neto
  • Virgílio M Viana

Journal article related to Srepok Wilderness Area tourism project

Journal article
  • T Gray
  • C Phan
  • B Long

Darwin Initiative Newsletter August 2009

Journal article

Crocodile Specialist Newsletter

Journal article
  • IUCN

The spread of Conservation Agriculture: Justification,sustainability and uptake

Journal article
  • Amir Kassan
  • Theodor Friedrich
  • Francis Shaxson
  • Jules N Pretty