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Synthesis of monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) approaches from the Devolved Climate Finance mechanism: lessons from Kenya, Tanzania, Senegal and Mali

Project report
  • DCF Alliance

Synthèse des approches de suivi, évaluation et apprentissage (SEA) tirées du mécanisme décentralisation des fonds climatEnseignements du Kenya, de la Tanzanie, du Sénégal et du Mali

Project report
  • DCF Alliance

What is effective climate adaptation? Case studies from the Least Developed Countries

Issue paper
  • Sejal Patel
  • Binyam Yakob Gebreyes

Closing the learning loop in locally led adaptation

IIED Briefing
  • Barry Smith

Food systems and climate change

Project material
  • Giulia Nicolini
  • Nout van der Vaart
  • Alejandro Guarín
  • Carol Gribnau
  • Frank Mechielsen
  • Hugo Verkuijl

Calling for business unusual: mechanisms for delivering change

IIED Briefing
  • Marek Soanes

How can standardised evaluation metrics increase climate resilience?

IIED Briefing
  • Sam Barrett
  • Simon Anderson
  • Bayu Nebsu

Reimagining the climate finance system with digital technology

IIED Briefing
  • Sam Greene
  • Marek Soanes
  • Anna Walnycki

Thriving in diversity: smallholders organising for climate resilience

IIED Briefing
  • Xiaoting Hou Jones
  • Duncan J Macqueen

Nature-based solutions to climate change adaptation

IIED Briefing
  • Hannah Reid
  • Charlotte Hicks
  • Xiaoting Hou Jones
  • Valerie Kapos
  • Ali Raza Rizvi
  • Sylvia Wicander