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  1. Food. Riots and Rights
    Luca Colombo, Antonio Onorati
    Sep 2013, Book - IIED, Coordination Nationale des Organizations Paysannes (CNOP), le Centre Djoliba, l’Institut de Recherche et de Promotion des Alternatives en Dévelo
  2. Los Sabores y las Voces de la Tierra: Visualizando la Soberanía Alimentaria en los Andes
    Maruja Salas, Wise Peoples Network
    Jun 2013, Book - IIED
  3. Voices and flavours from the Earth: visualising food sovereignty in the Andes
    Maruja Salas, Wise Andean People's Networks
    Jun 2013, Book - IIED
  4. Virtuous Circles: Values, Systems, Sustainability
    Andy Jones, Michel Pimbert and Janice Jiggins
    Aug 2012, Book - IIED and IUCN CEESP, London.
  5. Democratising agricultural research for food sovereignty in West Africa
    Michel Pimbert, Boukary Barry, Anne Berson, Khanh Tran-​Thanh
    Oct 2011, Book - IIED, CNOP, IRPAD, Kene Conseils, Centre Djoliba, URTEL
  6. Participatory research and on-farm management of agricultural biodiversity in Europe
    Michel Pimbert Foreword by Colin Tudge
    May 2011, Book - IIED
  7. Transformation for food sovereignty: transforming knowledge and ways of knowing (Part III: Chapter 7)
    Michel Pimbert
    May 2009, Book chapter - IIED
  8. Affirming Life and Diversity: Rural images and voices on food sovereignty in South India
    Community Media Trust, PV Satheesh and Michel Pimbert
    Apr 2008, Book - IIED
  9. Hearing a different drummer: A new paradigm for the “keepers of the forest"
    John Studley
    Jul 2007, Book - IIED
  10. Transforming Knowledge and Ways of Knowing for Food Sovereignty
    Michel Pimbert
    Jan 2007, Book - IIED
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