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  1. Participatory Diagnosis of Soil Nutrient Depletion in Semi-arid Areas of Kenya
    L N Gachimbi, A de Jager, H van Keulen, E G Thuranira, S M Nandwa
    2002, Discussion paper - IIED
  2. Exploring New Pathways for Innovative Soil Fertility Management in Kenya
    D D Onduru, A Jager, G Gachini, J Diop
    2001, Discussion paper - IIED
  3. Reversing the Degradation of Arable Land in the Ethiopian Highlands
    T Amede, T Belachew, E Geta
    2001, Discussion paper - IIED
  4. Understanding Diversity in Farming Practices in Tigray, Ethiopia
    A Beyene, D Gibbon, M Haile
    2001, Discussion paper - IIED
  5. Using Local Resources to Improve Soil Fertility in Tanzania
    J M Wickama, J G Mowo
    2001, Discussion paper - IIED
  6. What are the Prospects for Intensifying Soil Fertility Management in the Sahel? A case study from Sanmatenga, Burkina Faso
    S van den Elshout, B Sandwidi, E Ouédraogo, R Kaboré, G Tapsoba
    2001, Case study - IIED
  7. Dynamics of Irrigated Rice Farming in Mali, The
    L Kater, I Dembélé, I Dicko
    Feb 2000, Discussion paper - IIED
  8. Towards Integrated Soil Fertility Management in Malawi: Incorporating Participatory Approaches in Agricultural Research
    G Kanyama-​Phiri, S Snapp, B Kamanga, K Wellard
    Feb 2000, Discussion paper - IIED
  9. Facilitating Learning Processes in Agricultural Extension: Lessons from Western Kenya
    G Baltissen, E Wabwile, M Kooijman, T Defoer
    2000, Discussion paper - IIED
  10. Farmers' Knowledge of Soil Fertility and Local Management Strategies in Tigray, Ethiopia
    Corbeels M, Shiferaw A, Haile M
    2000, Discussion paper - IIED
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