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  1. A decade of change: shelter finance at the World Urban Forum
    Human Settlements
    Jun 2006, Briefing - IIED
  2. The role of savings and savings organisations, how they can transform conventional finance into a catalyst for empowerment and development
    Feb 2005, Briefing - unknown publisher
  3. Discussing the role of revolving revolving funds within the Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers (PRSPs)
    Apr 2004, Briefing - unknown publisher
  4. Outlining the breadth and diversity of microfinance for housing and related activities. South Africa, Sri Lanka and India
    Apr 2003, Briefing - unknown publisher
  5. The capacity of communities to improve their lives in adverse conditions and the potentially valuable contribution of donor agencies and local government. Zimbabwe, South Africa, Thailand, Cambodia, Uganda, Zambia and Latin America
    May 2002, Briefing - unknown publisher
  6. Successes and struggles of loan finance in supporting housing and infrastructure development in low-income communities.
    Sep 2001, Briefing - unknown publisher
  7. Report of a meeting on innovative housing finance between researchers from Brazil, Mexico, Philippines and Thailand
    Dec 2000, Briefing - unknown publisher
  8. More housing finance experiences from around the world; Brazil, Philippines, Cambodia, South Africa, Kenya
    Jul 2000, Briefing - unknown publisher
  9. A collection of housing finance experiences from around the world; South Africa, Senegal, Namibia, Thailand and Mexico
    Jul 1999, Briefing - unknown publisher
  10. Growing diversity and maturity of NGO activities related to the provision of housing finance to the urban poor
    Dec 1998, Briefing - unknown publisher
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