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  1. Towards resilience and transformation for cities II
    Apr 2014, Journal article - Sage
  2. Towards resilience and transformation for cities
    Oct 2013, Journal article - IIED
  3. Gender and urban change
    Cecilia Tacoli, David Satterthwaite, Sylvia Chant, Celine D'Cruz, Patience Mudimu, Caren Levy, Cathy McIlwaine, Sarah Bradshaw, Nicola Banks, Julian Walker, Alexandre Apsan Frediani, Jean-​François Trani, Kaveri Haritas
    Apr 2013, Journal article - SAGE
  4. Addressing poverty and inequality – new forms of urban governance in Asia
    Oct 2012, Journal article - IIED
  5. Mapping, enumerating and surveying informal settlements and cities
    Sheela Patel, Carrie Baptist, Celine d'Cruz, Jockin Arputham, Jack Makau, Skye Dobson, Edith Samia, Braimah R Farouk, Mensa Owusu, Joel Bolnick, Anna Muller, Edith Mbanga, Avery Livengood, Keya Kunte, Michael Hooper, Leonard Ortolano, Diane Archer, Chawanad Luansang
    Mar 2012, Journal article - Sage Publications
  6. Community-driven disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation in urban areas
    Diane Archer, Somsook Boonyabancha, Norberto Carcellar, Jason Christopher Rayos Co, Zarina O Hipolito, Mark Pelling, Jorgelina Hardoy, Gustavo Pandiella, Luz Stella Velásquez Barrero, Cassidy Johnson, C Ramachandraiah, Joel F Audefroy, Caroline Moser, Alfredo St
    Oct 2011, Journal article - Sage Publications
  7. Health and the city
    Siddarth Agarwal, Carolyn Stephens, Yongmei Zhang, Bingqin Li, Susan E Chaplin, Sana Chehimi, Larry Cohen, Erica Valdovinos, Deepa Joshi, Ben Fawcett, Fouzia Mannan, Enric Llorca Ibáñez, Caroline Moser, Alice Sverdlik
    Apr 2011, Journal article - Sage Publications
  8. Youth and the city
    Oct 2010, Journal article - Sage Publications
  9. Migration and mobility and the implications for local governance and local development.
    Apr 2010, Journal article - Sage Publications
  10. Securing land for housing and urban development
    Oct 2009, Journal article - Sage Publications
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