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  1. Ecological Surveys, Monitoring and the Involvement of Local People in Protected Areas of Lao PDR
    R Steinmetz
    2000, Working paper - IIED
  2. Evaluating Eden: Exploring the myths and realities of community-based wildlife management: Series overview
    Dilys Roe, James Mayers, Maryanne Grieg-​Gran, Ashish Kothari, Christo Fabricius, Ross Hughes
    2000, Working paper - IIED
  3. Gestion Communautaire de la Faune en Afrique de l'Ouest: Etude régionale
    S Zeba Coordinator
    2000, Working paper - IIED
  4. Inventario de los Proyectos de Manejo Communitario de Vida Silvestre Centroamerica y Republica Dominica
    I Gutierrez, N Ortiz, A Imbach
    2000, Working paper - IIED
  5. Makuleke Land Claim: Power relations and community-based natural resource management, The
    C Steenkamp, J Uhr
    2000, Working paper - IIED
  6. Partnerships in Conservation: The state, private sector and the community at Madikwe Game Reserve
    H Magome, D Grossman, S Fakir, Y Stowell
    2000, Working paper - IIED
  7. Pelican Man - A Video Documentary (NTSC)
    2000, NTSC video + Non-document - Green Twig films
  8. Pelicans and People: The two-tier village of Kokkare Bellur, Karnataka, India
    S Jolly, K Manu
    2000, Working paper - IIED, Kalpavriksh
  9. Promoting Partnerships: Managing wildlife resources in Central and West Africa
    Jo Abbot, Faith G Ananze, Nico Barning, Phil Burnham, Emmanuel de Merode, Andrew Dunn, Emmanuel Fuchi, Elie Hakizumwami, Ced Hesse, Robert Mwinyihali, Massalatchi Mahaman Sani, David Thomas, Pippa Trench, Richard Tshombe
    2000, Working paper - IIED
  10. Resource Tenure and Power Relations in Community Wildlife Contexts: The case of the Mkambati area on the wild coast of South Africa
    T Kepe, B Cousins, S Turner
    2000, Working paper - IIED
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