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  1. ‘Blue economy’: why we should talk about investment law
    Lorenzo Cotula, Thierry Berger
    Apr 2020, IIED Briefing - IIED
  2. Community Voices, Latin America and the Caribbean
    Olivia Wilson-​Holt
    Mar 2020, Event/workshop report - IIED
  3. How can standardised evaluation metrics increase climate resilience?
    Sam Barrett, Simon Anderson, Bayu Nebsu
    Mar 2020, IIED Briefing - IIED
  4. Making the market work for nature
    Ina Porras, Paul Steele
    Mar 2020, Issue paper - IIED
  5. Migratory patterns of Hilsa shad in the Myanmar Ayeyarwady delta. Lessons for fisheries management
    Eugenia Merayo, Kyi Thar Myint, Thida Ei, Myint Khine, Pwint Thu Aye, Thida Lay Thwe, Kimio Leemans, Khin Maung Soe, Michael Akester, Annabelle Bladon, Essam Yassin Mohammed
    Mar 2020, Working paper - IIED
  6. Prosperity in place: meaningful work for mobile youth that enhances forest landscapes
    Duncan Macqueen, Jeffrey Campbell
    Mar 2020, Research report - IIED and FAO
  7. Trade-offs in sustainable agricultural intensification: the farmers’ perspective
    Barbara Adolph
    Mar 2020, IIED Briefing - IIED
  8. Achieving Scale, Social Inclusion, and Multifaceted Shelter Solutions
    Alice Sverdlik, Jack Makau, Joseph Kimani, Charity Mumbi, Patrick Njoroge, Evans Otibine, Kilion Nyambuga, Jane Wairutu, Jackie Waithaka
    Feb 2020, Project report - IIED
  9. Delivering change: IIED annual review 2019
    Feb 2020, Annual report - IIED
  10. Finding shelter in Mogadishu: challenges for vulnerable groups
    Erik Bryld, Charlotte Bonnet, Christine Kamau
    Feb 2020, Project report - IIED
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