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  1. Smallholder farming systems in coastal Kenya: Key trends and innovations for resilience
    Chemuku Wekesa, Paul Ongugo, Leila Ndalilo, Arafa Amur, Sylvia Mwalewa, Krystyna Swiderska
    Sep 2017, Country report - IIED
  2. Urban Context Analysis Toolkit
    Brian Sage, Andrew Meaux, Wale Osofisan, Mary Traynor, Tatiana Reye Jove
    Jun 2017, Toolkit - IIED
  3. A review of context analysis tools for urban humanitarian response
    Andrew Meaux, Wale Osofisan
    Nov 2016, Working paper - IIED
  4. Youth as drivers of accountability: conducting a youth social audit (PLA 64)
    Kenyatta Maita Mwawashe
    Dec 2011, Journal article - IIED
  5. Using participatory learning and action (PLA) in understanding and planning an adolescent life planning and reproductive health programme in Nigeria (PLA Notes 46)
    Gbenga Ishola, Wumi Adekunle, Temple Jagha, Bola Adedimeji, Yemi Olawale, Lucy Eniola
    Apr 2003, Journal article - IIED
  6. Environment and Human Rights: A New Approach to Sustainable Development
    Maria Adebowale, Chris Church, Beatrice Nduta Kairie, Boris Vasylkivsky, Yelena Panina
    Sep 2002, Opinion paper - Produced for IIED by ANPED, the Northern Alliance for Sustainability
  7. LogFrames made easy (PLA 41)
    Martin Butcher
    Jun 2001, Journal article - IIED
  8. Rights or rituals? Why juries can do more harm than good (PLA 40)
    Peter Glasner
    Feb 2001, Journal article - IIED
  9. Using Local Resources to Improve Soil Fertility in Tanzania
    J M Wickama, J G Mowo
    2001, Discussion paper - IIED
  10. PLA Notes 26: General Issue
    Various authors
    Jun 1996, Journal - IIED
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