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  1. Pastoralism - Research, policy and practice, Vol 1 No 2
    edited by Carol Kerven, Roy Behnke
    Jul 2010, Journal article - Practical Action Publishing
  2. PLA Notes 46: Participatory Processes for Policy Change
    John Thompson, Ian Scoones
    Apr 2003, Journal - IIED
  3. Learning from experiments in deliberate democracy: an e-forum on participatory processes for policy change (PLA Notes 46)
    Ian Scoones, John Thompson
    Apr 2003, Journal article - IIED
  4. Participatory processes for policy change: reflections on the Prajateerpu e-forum (PLA Notes 46)
    Ian Scoones, John Thompson
    Apr 2003, Journal article - IIED
  5. Participatory Processes for Policy Change: reflections on the Prajateerpu e-forum
    Ian Scoones, John Thompson
    2002, Report/paper - IIED
  6. Participatory environmental policy processes: experiences from North and South (PLA 40)
    Tim Holmes, Ian Scoones
    Feb 2001, Journal article - IIED
  7. Dynamics & Diversity: Soil fertility and farming livelihoods in Africa
    Ian Scoones ed
    2001, Book - Earthscan
  8. Aprendizaje y Acción Participativa Guia para Capacitadores
    Jules Pretty, Irene Guijt, John Thompson, Ian Scoones Tradduccíon e Adecuación: T Drye T, F Dick Universidad Núr Bolivia
    1999, Report/paper - IIED
  9. Policies for Soil Fertility Management in Africa. A Report Prepared for the Department for International Development
    Camilla Toulmin, Ian Scoones
    1999, Report/paper - IIED, IDS
  10. PLA Notes CD-ROM 1988-2001 17 Tips for trainers: What is PRA?
    Jan 1995, Journal article - unknown publisher
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