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  1. Rationalising peri-urban water supply in Can Tho, Vietnam
    Nguyễn Ngọc Huy, Trần Vãn Giải Phóng, Stephen Tyler, Sở La Sen, Lê Hồng Y
    Dec 2015, Briefing - IIED
  2. Institutional challenges for peri-urban water supply in Can Tho, Vietnam
    Nguyen Ngoc Huy, Tran Van Giai Phong, Stephen Tyler
    Nov 2015, Working paper - IIED
  3. Urbanisation and Rural Development in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta: revisiting livelihood transformations in three fruit-growing settlements, 2006-2015
    Hoang Xuan Thanh, Dinh Thi Thu Phuong, Dang Thi Thanh Hoa, Le Dinh Lap
    Nov 2015, Working paper - IIED
  4. Local planning for climate adaptation: Vietnam’s experience
    Nguyen Phuong Nam, Tran Thi Thu Trang, Stephen Tyler, Nguyen Quynh Anh, Bach Tan Sinh, Nguyen Ngoc Huy, Pham Khanh, Dang Thi Huong
    Sep 2015, Working paper - IIED
  5. Climate Change Risks and Resilience in Urban Children in Asia: Synthesis Report for Secondary Cities: Da Nang, Khulna, and Malolos
    Sudeshna Chatterjee
    Jul 2015, Working paper - IIED
  6. Flooding, homes and loss: insurance as a risk-transfer mechanism in Vietnam
    Vo Thanh Danh, Bui Duc Tinh
    Apr 2015, Briefing - IIED
  7. Coastal urban climate-resilience planning in Quy Nhon, Vietnam
    Vu Kim Chi, Nguyen Thi Thuy Hang, Dinh Thi Bao Hoa, Luong Thi Van, Nguyen Huu Xuan, Tran Thanh Ha, Nguyen Thi Thu Trang
    Feb 2015, Working paper - IIED
  8. Organisation for locally controlled forest business – learning from success: Proceedings of the fourth international Forest Connect workshop
    Duncan Macqueen, Geraldine Warren, Anna Bolin
    Feb 2015, Event/workshop report - IIED
  9. Towards a Transformative Post‐2015 Development Agenda - retreat 6
    Feb 2015, Report/paper - Independent Research Forum
  10. Forest Governance Learning Group, Vietnam: Narrative report for the Social Justice in Forestry project
    Dec 2014, Project material - IIED
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