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  1. Transformative change to reduce deforestation in DRC
    Phil Franks, Mariteuw Chimère Diaw
    Jul 2019, Backgrounder - IIED
  2. Equity-focused, gender-responsive evidence: a blind spot in VNR reporting
    Silke Hofer-​Olusanmokun, Tarisirai Zengeni, Florencia Tateossian, Svetlana Negroustoueva, Claudia Olavarría Manriquez, Kassem El-​Saddik
    Feb 2019, IIED Briefing - IIED
  3. Climate crisis planning: a toolkit for building local urban resilience
    Diane Archer, Wijitbusaba Marome, Boonanan Natakun, Nuttavikhom Phanthuwongpakdee
    Jan 2019, IIED Briefing - IIED
  4. Shelter issues and solutions in Hawassa
    Emma Grant, Gemechu Desta, Yeraswerk Admassie, Sophie Stevens
    Jan 2019, Project report - IIED
  5. The Suusamyr Declaration
    International Network of Mountain Indigenous Peoples (INMIP)
    Dec 2018, Report/paper - IIED
  6. Gender, voice and power for climate action, Improving decision making through the inclusion of women and men’s lived experiences
    Susannah Fisher, Clare Shakya
    Oct 2018, Project flyer - IIED
  7. Gendered voices for climate action, a theory of change for the meaningful inclusion of local experiences in decision-making
    Susannah Fisher, Clare Shakya
    Oct 2018, Working paper - IIED
  8. Urban ARK 16: Looking backwards to reduce future risk in small African cities
    Naomi Roux, Susan Parnell
    Oct 2018, Briefing - Urban ARK
  9. Processus de révision d’un Plan Simple de Gestion
    Centre pour l’Environnement et le Développement Fern
    Jul 2018, Project report - Centre pour l’Environnement et le Développement, Yaoundé
  10. Pocket Guide to NDCs Under the UNFCCC
    Fatima-​Zahra Taibi, Susanne Konrad, Anju Sharma series editor
    Jun 2018, Toolkit - ecbi, Oxford
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