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  1. A city-specific focus on local and international collaboration: Tacloban, Ormoc and Palo (the Philippines); Medellín (Colombia); Juba (South Sudan)
    Tilly Alcayna, Furat Al-​Murani
    Nov 2016, Working paper - IIED
  2. Local and international collaboration in urban humanitarian responses: Perspectives from the Philippines, Colombia and South Sudan
    Tilly Alcayna, Furat Al-​Murani
    Nov 2016, Working paper - IIED
  3. Conflict and violence in 21st century cities
    Oct 2014, Journal article - Sage
  4. Securing pastoralism in East and West Africa: protecting and promoting livestock mobility. Karamojong Cluster Desk Review
    Nat Dyer with Shadrack Omondi and Michael Wantsusi
    2008, Report/paper - unknown publisher
  5. PLA 54: Mapping for change: practice, technologies and communication
    Guest-​edited by Giacomo Rambaldi, Jon Corbett, Mike McCall, Rachel Olson, Julius Muchemi, Peter A. Kwaku Kyem, Daniel Wiener, Robert Chambers
    Apr 2006, Journal - IIED and CTA
  6. Pastoral Civil Society Quarterly Newsletter of RECONCILE/IIED Programme on Reinforcement of Pastoral Civil Society in East Africa Issue no 8 October - December 2004
    Dec 2004, Briefing - unknown publisher
  7. Doing it for themselves: how communities developed messages and communication methods for rinderpest eradication in southern Sudan (PLA 45)
    Bryony Jones, Aluma Araba, Peter Koskei, Samuel Letereuwa
    Oct 2002, Journal article - IIED
  8. PLA Notes 26: General Issue
    Various authors
    Jun 1996, Journal - IIED
  9. RRA Notes 5: General issue
    Barbara Grandin, Kristin Cashman, John Soussan, Peter Ampt, Raymond Ison
    May 1989, Journal - IIED
  10. Small and Intermediate Urban Centers, Their Role in Regional and National Development Within the Third World
    J E Hardoy, D Satterthwaite Editors
    1986, Report/paper - unknown publisher
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