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  1. Bima dhidi ya madhara yanayotokana na uhalifu wa ndovu nchini Kenya na Sri Lanka
    Feb 2019, Project flyer - IIED
  2. The complex dynamics of Nairobi’s low-income housing services and land markets
    Baraka Mwau, Alice Sverdlik, Jack Makau, Dennis Mwaniki, Sammy Muinde
    Jan 2019, Project report - IIED
  3. Governance Assessment for Protected and Conserved Areas (GAPA) Early experience of a multi-stakeholder methodology for enhancing equity and effectiveness
    Phil Franks, Francesca Booker
    Nov 2018, Working paper - IIED
  4. How bottom-up M&E insights can inform national adaptation planning and reporting
    Neha Rai, Simon Anderson
    Nov 2018, IIED Briefing - IIED
  5. Livelihoods Insurance from Elephants (LIFE) in Kenya and Sri Lanka
    Nov 2018, Project flyer - IIED
  6. Co-production: taking stock of achievements and possibilities
    Oct 2018, Journal - Sage
  7. Urban ARK 15: Assessing Multi-Hazard Risk to Urban Infrastructure using Low-Cost GIS Techniques
    Faith E Taylor, Bruce D Malamud, James D A Millington
    Oct 2018, Briefing - Urban ARK
  8. Urban ARK 16: Looking backwards to reduce future risk in small African cities
    Naomi Roux, Susan Parnell
    Oct 2018, Briefing - Urban ARK
  9. Urban ARK 17: Risk Beyond the Red Line. Urban Risk and Large-Scale Infrastructure Projects in Kenya
    Andrew Charles, Kieran Birtill
    Oct 2018, Briefing - Urban ARK
  10. Urban ARK 18: Supporting community-led research on risks and creating policy platforms to enhance Nairobi’s governance for resilience
    Alice Sverdlik, Joseph Kimani, Patrick Njoroge, Hayley Leck, Mark Pelling
    Oct 2018, Briefing - Urban ARK
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