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  1. Building climate resilience through commercial agroforestry tree nurseries
    Amos Wekesa
    Oct 2020, Case study - IIED
  2. Achieving Scale, Social Inclusion, and Multifaceted Shelter Solutions
    Alice Sverdlik, Jack Makau, Joseph Kimani, Charity Mumbi, Patrick Njoroge, Evans Otibine, Kilion Nyambuga, Jane Wairutu, Jackie Waithaka
    Feb 2020, Project report - IIED
  3. Delivering change: IIED annual review 2019
    Feb 2020, Annual report - IIED
  4. Finding shelter in Mogadishu: challenges for vulnerable groups
    Erik Bryld, Charlotte Bonnet, Christine Kamau
    Feb 2020, Project report - IIED
  5. Urban Transformation and Informal Shelter: Actors, Interest and Change in Mathare Valley
    Baraka Mwau
    Feb 2020, Project report - IIED
  6. Urban transformation and the politics of shelter: Understanding Nairobi's housing markets
    Baraka Mwau, Alice Sverdlik, Jack Makau
    Feb 2020, Working paper - IIED
  7. Communities as the first line of defence in combating illegal wildlife trade: Sharing lessons to influence policy and practice
    Feb 2020, Event/workshop report - IUCN SULi
  8. The Maize Park Biocultural Heritage Territory in Lares, Peru. Case study guidance on biocultural heritage territories
    Krystyna Swiderska, Tammy Stenner
    Feb 2020, Case study - INMIP
  9. Urban refugees in Nairobi: tackling barriers to accessing housing, services and infrastructure
    Kanyiva Muindi, Blessing Mberu
    Dec 2019, Working paper - IIED
  10. The Apple Park and Wheat Park, Tajikistan. Case study guidance on biocultural heritage territories
    Krystyna Swiderska, Alibek Otambekov, Alejandro Argumedo
    Nov 2019, Case study - INMIP
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