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  1. Time to adapt? Media coverage of climate change in non-industrialised countries
    Mike Shanahan
    Aug 2009, Report - Peter Lang Publishing
  2. Developers in the public interest? The role of urban development corporations in the Anglophone Caribbean
    David Dodman
    Mar 2008, Journal article - Royal Geographical Society
  3. Post-independence optimism and the legacy of waterfront redevelopment in Kingston, Jamaica
    David Dodman
    Aug 2007, Book - Elsevier
  4. Fair deals for watershed services in the Caribbean
    Sarah McIntosh, Nicole Leotaud
    Jul 2007, Issue paper - IIED
  5. Linking tourism to watersheds and people: A preliminary analysis of the potential of the tourism sector to contribute to payments for watershed services in Dunn's River, Ocho Rios, Jamaica and Speyside, Tobago
    Nicole Leotaud
    Oct 2006, Report/paper - IIED
  6. Developing Markets for Watershed Protection Services and Improved Livelihoods
    Dec 2005, Report/paper - IIED
  7. Chronic Poverty
    Oct 2005, Journal article - IIED
  8. Cost pricing for water production and water protection services in Jamaica: a situational analysis
    Cletus Springer
    Oct 2005, Report/paper - unknown publisher
  9. Economic valuation study: action learning project on incentives for improved watershed services in the Buff Bay/Pencar watershed, Jamaica
    Dennis Pantin, Veronica Reid
    Apr 2005, Report/paper - IIED
  10. Who Pays for Water? Preparing for the use of market-based mechanisms to improve the contribution of watershed services to livelihoods in the Caribbean
    2004, Report/paper - IIED
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