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  1. Instruments for Sustainable Private Sector Forestry. CD-ROM
    2005, Non-document - IIED
  2. Policy that works for forests and people: CD-ROM
    2005, Non-document - IIED
  3. Social impacts of carbon markets in Costa Rica: a case study of the Huetar-Norte region, The
    Miriam Miranda, Ina T Porras, Mary Luz Moreno
    2004, Report/paper - unknown publisher
  4. Social impacts of the payments for environmental services (PES) scheme in Costa Rica: a quantitative field survey and analysis of the Virilla watershed, The
    Miriam Miranda, Ina T Porras, Mary Luz Moreno
    2003, Report/paper - unknown publisher
  5. What are we learning from experiences with markets for environmental services in Costa Rica? A review and critique of the literature
    Manrique Rojas, Bruce Aylward
    2003, Report/paper - unknown publisher
  6. Environmental Effects of Tax Differentiation by Vehicle Characteristics: Results from Costa Rica, The
    J Echeverría, N Johnstone, R Mejías, I Porras
    2000, Working paper - IIED, IVM
  7. Analysis of Private and Social Discount Rates in Costa Rica, An
    B Aylward, I Porras
    1999, Working paper - IIED, IVM
  8. Institutional Arrangements for Watershed Managment: A case study of Arenal, Costa Rica
    B Aylward, A F González
    1999, Working paper - IIED, IVM
  9. Market and Policy Incentives for Livestock Production and Watershed Protection in Arenal, Costa Rica
    B Aylward, J Echeverría, K Allen, R Mejías, I Porras
    1999, Working paper - IIED, IVM
  10. Policy that Works for Forests and People: Overview Report.
    James Mayers, Stephen Bass
    1999, Report/paper - IIED
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