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  1. Evaluation to connect national priorities with the SDGs
    Stefano D’Errico, Tighe Geoghegan, Ilenia Piergallini
    Jan 2020, Toolkit - IIED
  2. Enfoques de adaptación basados en ecosistemas: fortalecer la evidencia e informar políticas. Resultados del proyecto de Adaptación, Vulnerabilidad y Ecosistemas (AVE), en Costa Rica y Panamá
    Hannah Reid, Marta Pérez de Madrid, Orsibal Ramírez
    Jul 2019, Project report - IIED
  3. Ecosystem-based approaches to adaptation: strengthening the evidence and informing policy. Research results from the Adaptation, Vulnerability and Ecosystems (AVE) project, Costa Rica and Panama
    Hannah Reid, Marta Pérez de Madrid, Orsibal Ramírez
    Dec 2018, Project report - IIED
  4. Ecosystems, poverty alleviation and conditional transfers
    Ina Porras, Nigel Asquith
    Mar 2018, Toolkit - IIED
  5. Costa Rica’s Payments for Ecosystem Services programme
    Ina Porras, Adriana Chacón-​Cascante
    Mar 2018, Research report - IIED
  6. Organic coffee production and carbon sequestration in Guatemala: can carbon financing promote sustainable agriculture?
    Alexandra Amrein, Ina Porras, Bill Vorley
    Oct 2015, Issue paper - IIED
  7. Innovations for equity and inclusion in smallholder payments for ecosystem services
    Ina Porras, Emma Blackmore
    Jul 2014, Issue paper - IIED
  8. Ecosystems for sale. Land prices and payments for ecosystem services in Costa Rica
    Ina Porras, Adriana Chacón-​Cascante, David N. Barton, Diego Tobar
    Jun 2014, Country report - IIED
  9. Learning from 20 years of Payments for Ecosystem Services in Costa Rica
    Ina Porras, David N Barton, Miriam Miranda, Adriana Chacón-​Cascante
    Nov 2013, Issue paper - IIED
  10. Payments for environmental services: lessons from the Costa Rican PES programme
    Ina Porras
    Mar 2013, Report/paper - IIED
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