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  1. Getting food on the table in cities
    Oct 2019, Journal - Sage
  2. Expropriation clauses and environmental regulation: diffusion of law in the era of investment treaties
    Lorenzo Cotula
    Nov 2015, Journal article - RECIEL
  3. Urbanização e transição da fecundidade
    George Martine, José Eustáquio Alves, Suzana Cavenaghi
    Jan 2014, Report/paper - EcoDebate
  4. El espíritu del CLPI: lecciones de Canadá y las Filipinas (PLA 65)
    Abbi Buxton
    Sep 2012, Journal article - IIED
  5. The spirit of FPIC: lessons from government-community-relations in Canada and the Philippines (PLA 65)
    Abbi Buxton
    Jun 2012, Journal article - IIED
  6. Adopting CLTS: is your organisation ready? Analysing organisational requirements (PLA 61)
    Jean-​François Soublière
    Nov 2010, Journal article - IIED and Plan International
  7. Where does the carbon footprint fall? Developing a carbon map of food production
    Katharina Plassmann, Gareth Edwards-​Jones
    Jul 2009, Discussion paper - IIED
  8. Anti social-computing: indigenous language, digital video and intellectual property (PLA 59)
    Jon Corbett, Tim Kulchyski
    Jun 2009, Journal article - IIED and CTA
  9. Innovative Policy C2 Rd 2 Canada Maple syrup production in Quebec: Farmer self-determination for market control
    Isabelle Gagné
    May 2008, Report/paper - Regoverning Markets/IIED
  10. Innovative Policy C2 Rd 2 Canada Marketing baords used to connect and empower small-to medium-scale farmers in markets
    Clinton Monchuk, Justin To
    May 2008, Report/paper - Regoverning Markets/IIED
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