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  1. Towards a Transformative Post‐2015 Development Agenda - retreat 3
    Apr 2014, Report/paper - Independent Research Forum
  2. Vulnerability and adaptation of communities to climate change: a Benin case study, Lower Ouémé Valley, Adjohoun District, Benin
    Krystel Dossou, Bernadette Glehouenou
    Sep 2008, Case study - IIED and OFED
  3. Information on land: a common asset and strategic resource. The case of Benin
    Pierre-​Yves Le Meur
    May 2008, Issue paper - IIED
  4. L’information foncière, bien commun et ressource stratégique. Le cas du Bénin
    Pierre-​Yves Le Meur
    May 2008, Issue paper - IIED
  5. Springing back: climate resilience at Africa’s grassroots
    Sonja Vermeulen, Krystel Dossou (OFEDI) Duncan Macqueen, Dominic Walubengo (Forest Action Network), and Everhart Nangoma (EU)
    May 2008, Opinion paper - IIED
  6. Climate Change and Health in West Africa
    Salimata Wade, Oumar Sango, Krystel Dossou, Madyoury Tandia, Sari Kovats
    2008, Report/paper - IIED
  7. A citizens’ space for democratic deliberation on GMOs and the future of farming in Mali
    Michel Pimbert
    Jul 2007, Briefing - unknown publisher
  8. Modes d’accès à la terre, marchés fonciers, gouvernance et politiques foncières en Afrique de l’Ouest
    Jean-​Pierre Chauveau, Jean-​Philippe Colin, Jean-​Pierre Jacob, Philippe Lavigne Delville, Pierre-​Yves Le Meur
    Mar 2006, Report/paper - IIED
  9. Organic Cotton: A New Development Path for African Smallholders?
    Simon Ferrigno, Saro G.Ratter, Peter Ton, Davo Simplice Vodouhê, Stephanie Williamson and John Wilson
    Mar 2006, Report/paper - IIED
  10. Plans fonciers ruraux : Conditions de pertinence des systèmes d'identification et d'enregistrement des droits coutumiers
    Jean-​Pierre Chauveau
    2004, Issue paper - IIED
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