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  1. Deepening readiness for climate finance: the role of the political economy
    Neha Rai
    Apr 2015, IIED Briefing - IIED
  2. Managing the environmental and social risks of hydropower: private and public roles
    Lawrence J Haas, Jamie Skinner
    Apr 2015, IIED Briefing - IIED
  3. China's path to a green economy: decoding China’s green economy concepts and policies
    Xiaoxue Weng, Zhanfeng Dong, Qiong Wu, Ying Qin
    Feb 2015, Country report - IIED
  4. Securing social justice in green economies: a review and ten considerations for policymakers
    Kate Raworth, Sarah Wykes, Steve Bass
    Oct 2014, Issue paper - IIED and CAFOD
  5. Economia Verde no Estado do Amapá, Brasil: avanços e perspectivas
    Virgilio Viana, Cecilia Viana, Ana Euler, Maryanne Grieg-​Gran, Steve Bass
    Jul 2014, Country report - IIED
  6. Green economies in the Caribbean: perspectives, priorities and an action learning agenda
    Tighe Geoghegan, Nicole Leotaud, Steve Bass eds
    Jun 2014, Country report - IIED
  7. Green Economy in Amapá State, Brazil: progress and perspectives
    Virgilio Viana, Cecilia Viana, Ana Euler, Maryanne Grieg-​Gran, Steve Bass
    Jun 2014, Country report - IIED
  8. Securing social justice in the green economy
    Kate Raworth, Steve Bass, Sarah Wykes
    Apr 2014, IIED Briefing - IIED
  9. Inclusive transitions to climate resilience and green economy
    Apr 2014, Project material - IIED
  10. Informal and Green? The forgotten voice in the transition to a green economy
    Emily Benson, Sarah Best, Ethel del Pozo-​Vergnes, Ben Garside, Essam Yassin Mohammed, Sjoerd Panhuysen, Grazia Piras, Bill Vorley, Anna Walnycki, Emma Wilson
    Mar 2014, Discussion paper - IIED
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