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  1. Republic of Congo: five priorities for developing community forestry laws
    Tanja Venisnik
    Aug 2019, IIED Briefing - IIED
  2. République du Congo : cinq priorités de l’encadrement juridique de la foresterie communautaire
    Tanja Venisnik
    Aug 2019, IIED Briefing - IIED
  3. Why communities are key to protecting Congo Basin forests
    Marie-​Ange Kalenga
    Aug 2019, IIED Briefing - IIED
  4. Entreprenariat forestier durable et rentable dans les forêts du Bassin du Congo
    Matthieu Kyanga, Bonaventure Ibanda, Abdon Bamume, Justin Kyale
    Jul 2019, Project material - Tropenbos RD Congo
  5. Analyse widely, act deeply: forest and farm producer organisations and the goal of climate resilient landscapes
    James Mayers
    Apr 2019, Discussion paper - IIED
  6. How forest and farm producer organisations deliver social and cultural services
    Anna Bolin, Duncan Macqueen
    Apr 2019, IIED Briefing - IIED
  7. Scaling up community forest enterprises in Tanzania
    Tom Blomley, Fred Nelson, Hugh Doulton, Theron Morgan-​Brown, Rebecca Trupin
    Apr 2019, IIED Briefing - IIED
  8. China in Cameroon’s forests: a review of issues and progress for livelihoods and sustainability
    James Mayers, Samuel Nguiffo, Samuel Assembe-​Mvondo
    Mar 2019, Research report - IIED
  9. Chinese investment in DRC: a view from the forest
    Isilda Nhantumbo, Inoussa Njumboket, Jean-​Marie Nkanda, Anna Bolin, James Mayers
    Mar 2019, IIED Briefing - IIED
  10. Chinese investments and forest land use: situations and trends in the Democratic Republic of Congo
    Inoussa Njumboket, Jean-​Marie Nkanda
    Mar 2019, Project report - IIED
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