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  1. Compromis dans l’intensification durable de l’agriculture : études de cas dans deux villages du Burkina Faso
    W C Alex-​Fabrice Zongo, Mary Allen, Hié Batchéné, Tsuamba Bourgou, Hamadé Sigué, Georges Zomboudré
    Aug 2020, Project report - IIED
  2. Food systems and climate change
    Giulia Nicolini, Nout van der Vaart, Alejandro Guarín, Carol Gribnau, Frank Mechielsen, Hugo Verkuijl
    Jul 2020, Project material - IIED/HIVOS
  3. Multi-actor initiatives in action: lessons from the Sustainable Diets for All programme
    Wenny Ho, William Chilufya, Mangiza Chirwa, Maria Gomez, John Kiwagalo, Frank Mechielsen, Maria Teresa Nogales, Aurora Stobbelaar, Immaculate Yossa Daisy
    Jul 2020, Project material - IIED/HIVOS
  4. Why eat wild meat? Factors affecting the success of alternative protein projects
    Francesca Booker, Olivia Wilson-​Holt
    Jul 2020, Project report - IIED
  5. Supporting smallholders’ decision making: managing trade-offs and synergies for sustainable agricultural intensification
    Barbara Adolph, Mary Allen, Evans Beyuo, Daniel Banuoku, Sam Barrett, Tsuamba Bourgou, Ndapile Bwanausi, Francis Dakyaga, Emmanuel K Derbile, Peter Gubbels, Batchéné Hié, Chancy Kachamba, Godwin Kumpong Naazie, Ebenezer Betiera Niber, Isaac Nyirengo, Samuel Faamuo
    Jul 2020, Journal article - Taylor & Francis Online
  6. Agency and advocacy in the food systems of the majority: Food for thought from the Sustainable Diets for All programme
    Bill Vorley, Alejandro Guarín, Costanza de Toma, Frank Mechielsen
    Jun 2020, Project material - IIED/HIVOS
  7. Putting indigenous foods and food systems at the heart of sustainable food and nutrition security in Uganda
    Angela Kimani, Anne-​Marie Mayer, Krystyna Swiderska
    May 2020, Discussion paper - IIED/HIVOS
  8. Food and forests: understanding agriculture and conservation trade-offs in Ethiopia
    Phil Franks, Tagel Gebrehiwot
    May 2020, Briefing - Sentinel
  9. Food and forests: understanding agriculture and conservation trade-offs in Ghana
    Phil Franks, Barbara Adolph, Dora Neina
    May 2020, Briefing - Sentinel
  10. Food and Forests: Understanding agriculture and conservation trade-offs in Zambia
    Xiaoting Hou-​Jones, Jacob Mwitwa, Phil Franks
    May 2020, Briefing - Sentinel Project
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