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  1. Urbanization and Development: Policy lessons from the BRICS experience
    Gordon McGranahan, George Martine
    Dec 2012, Discussion paper - IIED
  2. Learning from urbanization in the BRICS
    Gordon McGranahan
    Dec 2012, Briefing - IIED, UNFPA
  3. The legacy of inequality and negligence in Brazil's unfinished urban transition: lessons for other developing regions
    George Martine, Gordon McGranahan
    Nov 2012, Journal article - Taylor & Francis
  4. UNFPA Technical Briefing: Urbanization and food prices
    Gordon McGranahan
    May 2011, Briefing - IIED, UNFPA
  5. Groundwater, self-supply and poor urban dwellers: A review with case studies of Bangalore and Lusaka
    Jenny T. Grönwall, Martin Mulenga, Gordon McGranahan
    Nov 2010, Working paper - IIED
  6. Provision of Water and Sanitation Services
    Gordon McGranahan, Martin Mulenga, Jonathan Parkinson
    Nov 2010, Book chapter - Jossey-Bass, San Francisco
  7. Urbanization and its implications for food and farming
    David Satterthwaite, Gordon McGranahan, Cecilia Tacoli
    Sep 2010, Journal article - Royal Society, London
  8. A transição urbana brasileira: trajetória, dificuldades e lições aprendidas
    George Martine, Gordon McGranahan
    Sep 2010, Book chapter - UNFPA, Brasilia
  9. Brazil's Early Urban Transition: What Can It Teach Urbanizing Countries?
    George Martine, Gordon McGranahan
    Aug 2010, Working paper - IIED, UNFPA
  10. Africa's urban transition and the role of regional collaboration
    Gordon McGranahan, Diana Mitlin, David Satterthwaite, Cecilia Tacoli, Ivan Turok
    Dec 2009, Working paper - IIED
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