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  1. Universalising water and sanitation coverage in urban areas: From global targets to local realities in Dar es Salaam, and back
    Gordon McGranahan, Anna Walnycki, Festo Dominick, Willard Kombe, Alphonce Kyessi, Tatu Mtwangi Limbumba, Hezron Magambo, Mwanakombo Mkanga, Tim Ndezi
    Dec 2016, Working paper - IIED
  2. Inclusive Urbanisation Workshop Reflections
    Gordon McGranahan, Daniel Schensul
    Feb 2016, Event material - IIED
  3. Public and private control and contestation of public space amid violent conflict in Karachi
    Noman Ahmed, Donald Brown, Bushra Owais Siddiqui, Dure Shahwar Khalil, Sana Tajuddin, Gordon McGranahan
    Nov 2015, Working paper - IIED
  4. Urbanization
    Gordon McGranahan
    Apr 2015, Book chapter - Elsevier
  5. Urbanisation, rural–urban migration and urban poverty
    Cecilia Tacoli, Gordon McGranahan, David Satterthwaite
    Mar 2015, Working paper - IIED
  6. Urban informality and building a more inclusive, resilient and green economy
    Donald Brown, Gordon McGranahan, David Dodman
    Dec 2014, Working paper - IIED
  7. Urbanisation Concepts and Trends
    Gordon McGranahan, David Satterthwaite
    Jun 2014, Working paper - IIED
  8. Housing density and housing preference in Bangkok's low-income settlements
    Nattawut Usavagovitwong, Aim-​on Pruksuriya, Wanida Supaporn, Chaiwat Rak-​U, Diane Archer, Gordon McGranahan
    Sep 2013, Working paper - IIED
  9. Community-driven sanitation improvement in deprived neighbourhoods
    Gordon McGranahan
    Jun 2013, Report/paper - unknown publisher
  10. Integrating the environment in urban planning and management: key principles and approaches for cities in the 21st century
    David Dodman, Gordon McGranahan, Barry Dalal-​Clayton
    2013, Report/paper - UNEP
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