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  1. Accelerating energy access with aggregation
    Kevin Johnstone, Ben Garside
    Oct 2019, Briefing - IIED
  2. Moving More Money: Can aggregation catalyse off-grid financing?
    Ben Garside, Kevin Johnstone, Nipunika Perera
    Apr 2019, Issue paper - IIED
  3. Bridging the gap: how inclusive finance boosts access to off-grid energy
    Nipunika Perera, Ben Garside
    Feb 2019, IIED Briefing - IIED
  4. Planning pro-poor energy services for maximum impact: the Energy Delivery Model Toolkit (Indonesia)
    Ben Garside, Sarah Wykes
    Dec 2017, Toolkit - IIED
  5. Using the EDM toolkit to analyse impact: a small-scale horticulture project in Kenya
    Surabhi Rajagopal, Ben Garside, Lazarus Walker, Sarah Wykes
    Oct 2017, Toolkit - IIED
  6. Solving ‘wicked’ problems: can social learning catalyse adaptive responses to climate change? A compendium of case studies
    Edited by Marissa Van Epp, Ben Garside
    Mar 2017, Backgrounder - IIED
  7. Climate change responses in a context of uncertainty
    Susannah Fisher, Ben Garside
    Dec 2016, Backgrounder - IIED
  8. Planning and implementing climate change responses in the context of uncertainty
    Susannah Fisher, Ben Garside, Marissa Van Epp, David Dodman, Stefano D’Errico, Simon Anderson, Liz Carlile
    Dec 2016, Working paper - IIED
  9. Pushing for better power in Tanzania
    Ben Garside
    Dec 2016, Reflect & Act - IIED
  10. Remote but productive: Using energy access investments to catalyse enterprises and income in Tanzania’s rural communities
    Sarah Best, Ben Garside
    Dec 2016, Working paper - IIED
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