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  1. New Hope for Indian Food Security? The System of Rice Intensification
    Biksham Gujja and T.M. Thiyagarajan
    Nov 2009, Report/paper - IIED
  2. Biodiversity Conservation and the Millennium Development Goals
    Jeffrey D. Sachs, Jonathan E. M. Baillie, William J. Sutherland, Paul R. Armsworth, Neville Ash, Tim M. Blackburn, John Beddington, Ben Collen, Dilys Roe et al
    Sep 2009, Journal article - Science
  3. Association ANDES: Conserving indigenous biocultural heritage
    Alejandro Argumedo and Tammy Stenner
    Aug 2008, Report/paper - IIED
  4. The people’s vision – UK and Indian reflections on Prajateerpu
    Kavitha Kuruganti, Michel Pimbert and Tom Wakeford
    Jun 2008, Journal article - IIED
  5. Sharing power - a global guide to collaborative management of natural resources (2nd Ed)
    Grazia Borrini-​Feyerabend, Michel Pimbert, Taghi Farvar, Ashish Kothari and Yves Renard
    Nov 2007, Book - Earthscan
  6. Mysteries and Myths: De Soto, Property and Poverty in South Africa
    Rosalie Kingwill, Ben Cousins, Tessa Cousins, Donna Hornby, Lauren Royston and Warren Smit
    May 2006, Report/paper - IIED
  7. How to Make Poverty History: The central role of local organisations in meeting the Millennium Development Goals
    Edited by Tom Bigg
    Feb 2006, Opinion paper - IIED
  8. Can Land Registration Serve Poor and Marginalised Groups? Summary Report
    Nazneen Kanji, Lorenzo Cotula, Thea Hilhorst, Camilla Toulmin and Wray Witten
    Dec 2005, Research report - IIED
  9. Land Registration in Eastern and Western Regions, Ghana
    Osman Alhassan and Takyiwaa Manuh
    Dec 2005, Research report - IIED
  10. Agricultural Commodities, Trade and Sustainable Development
    Edited by Thomas Lines
    Nov 2005, Report/paper - IIED/ICTSD
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