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  1. Pamoja voices climate-resilience planning toolkit. To support inclusive climate-resilient planning for rural communities
    David P Pertaub, Sam Greene, Angela Kagashe, Philippine Sutz, Thadeus Clamian, Sarah Alakara
    Sep 2020, Toolkit - IIED
  2. Understanding local climate priorities: applying a gender and generation focused planning tool in mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar
    Sam Greene, David Pertaub, Sarah McIvor, Emilie Beauchamp, Philippine Sutz
    Sep 2020, Issue paper - IIED
  3. Every voice counts in a changing climate
    Sam Greene, Sarah McIvor, David Paul Pertaub
    May 2020, Reflect & Act - IIED
  4. Reimagining the climate finance system with digital technology
    Sam Greene, Marek Soanes, Anna Walnycki
    Nov 2019, IIED Briefing - IIED
  5. Money where it matters: designing funds for the frontier
    Marek Soanes, Clare Shakya, Anna Walnycki, Sam Greene
    Mar 2019, Issue paper - IIED
  6. Lessons from piloting the decentralised climate finance programme, Tanzania
    Sam Greene
    Feb 2019, Research report - IIED
  7. Building institutional capacity for enhancing resilience to climate change: an operational framework and insights from practice
    Clare Shakya, Katherine Cooke, Naman Gupta, Zac Bull, Sam Greene
    Nov 2018, Report/paper - Oxford Policy Management
  8. CBA11 conference proceedings: harnessing natural resources and ecosystems for adaptation
    Hannah Reid, Choice Agaba, Jane Amumpaire, Clara Decent, Sam Greene, William Monteith, Hausner Wendo, Sidat Yaffa
    Jan 2018, Event/workshop report - IIED
  9. Participatory resource mapping
    Sam Greene, Ced Hesse
    Mar 2017, Toolkit - IIED
  10. Resilience building in Tanzania: learning from experiences of institutional strengthening
    Sam Greene
    May 2015, Working paper - IIED
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