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  1. Accessing land and shelter in Mogadishu: a city governed by an uneven mix of formal and informal practices
    Christine Kamau, Charlotte Bonnet, Mohamed A. Mohamoud, Erik Bryld
    Jan 2019, Project report - IIED
  2. Strengthening local councils to bridge the aid gap in Aleppo
    Saagarika Dadu-​Brown, Abhimanyu Dadu
    Jan 2018, IIED Briefing - IIED
  3. Exploring the nexus between humanitarian and development goals in Aleppo
    Saagarika Dadu-​Brown, Abhimanyu Dadu, Muhammad Zaid
    Dec 2017, Working paper - IIED
  4. Linking great ape conservation and poverty alleviation in Rwanda
    Samson Werikhe, Alessandra Giuliani
    Mar 2016, Report/paper - PCLG
  5. Why don't we make the loggers pay? Stumpage value and policy failure in Ghana's forest sector
    Gene Birikorang
    Feb 2015, Country report - IIED
  6. Vulnerability profiling of cities: a framework for climate-resilient urban development in India
    Jyoti Parikh, Geeta Sandal, Priyank Jindal
    Mar 2014, Working paper - IIED
  7. Payment formats for REDD+ interventions: Preferences and concerns in Aowin District, Ghana
    Darley Jose Kjosavik, Rosemary Agbefu, Rosemond Agbefu, Gene Birikorang
    Dec 2013, Report/paper - IIED
  8. Tree planting by cocoa farmers on farms (A Ghana cocoa-agroforestry REDD+ model)
    Gene Birikorang
    Mar 2013, Presentation - Hamilton Resources and Consulting
  9. Small-scale farmers' decisions in globalised markets
    Saleela Patkar, Ronnie Natawidjaja, Caecilia Widyastuti, Sanjeev Asthana, Satender Singh Arya, Srikantha Shenoy
    Nov 2012, Report/paper - IIED/Hivos
  10. Socio-economic conditions in REDD+ pilot areas: A synthesis of five baseline surveys
    Synne Movik, Gene Birikorang, Adrian Enright, George Kajembe, Luiza Lima, Suelen Marostica, Thais Megid Pinto, Gorettie Nabanoga, Maria Nantongo, Justine Namaalwa, Dos Santos Silayo, Arild Vatn
    Nov 2012, Report/paper - IIED
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