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  1. Informal food vendors and their role in the food and nutrition security of low-income workers in Bandung City, Indonesia
    Ronnie S Natawidjaja, Hepi Hapsari, Dindin Makhmudin, Irlan A Rum, Hanny Sulistyoningrum, William Vorley
    Aug 2019, Research report - IIED, HIVOS
  2. Inclusive governance of informal markets: the street vendors of Surakarta
    Ronnie S Natawidjaja, Endang Siti Rahayu, Joko Sutrisno
    Jun 2015, IIED Briefing - IIED
  3. Small-scale farmers' decisions in globalised markets
    Saleela Patkar, Ronnie Natawidjaja, Caecilia Widyastuti, Sanjeev Asthana, Satender Singh Arya, Srikantha Shenoy
    Nov 2012, Report/paper - IIED/Hivos
  4. Innovative Practice Indonesia - The transparent margin partnership model: Linking mango farmers to dynamic markets
    Ronnie S. Natawidjaja, Yosini Deliana, Wayan Rusastra, Tomy Perdana, Togar A. Napitupulu, Hanny Sulistyoningrum, Yovie M. Rahayu
    May 2008, Report/paper - Regoverning Markets/IIED
  5. Agrifood Sector Studies Indonesia: Restructuring of agrifood chains in Indonesia - National and local meso study
    Ronnie S. Natawidjaja, Elly Rasmikayati, Bayu Kharisma, Kusnandar, Dian Purwanto, Thomas Reardon
    Feb 2008, Report/paper - Regoverning Markets/IIED
  6. Agrifood Sector Studies Indonesia: The case of potato farmers in West Java
    Ronnie S. Natawidjaja, Elly Rasmikayati, Kusnandar, Dian Purwanto
    Feb 2008, Report/paper - Regoverning Markets/IIED
  7. Policy and Institutional Mapping for Small Scale Producers' Participation in Dynamic markets in Indonesia
    Ronnie S. Natawidjaja, Lies Sulistyowati, Yosini Deliana, Tomy Perdana, Gemma W. Mukti, Felicity Proctor
    Aug 2006, Event/workshop report - IIED
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