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  1. Moving More Money: Can aggregation catalyse off-grid financing?
    Ben Garside, Kevin Johnstone, Nipunika Perera
    Apr 2019, Issue paper - IIED
  2. Drawers of Water: 30 Years of Change in Domestic Water Use and Environmental Health - Overview
    John Thompson, Ina T Porras, James K Tumwine, Mark R Mujwahuzi, Munguit Katui-​Katua, Nick Johnstone, Libby Wood
    2002, Book - IIED
  3. Private Firms and Public Water. Realising Social and Environmental Objectives in Developing Countries
    Nick Johnstone, Libby Wood Editors
    2001, Report/paper - unknown publisher
  4. Environmental Effects of Tax Differentiation by Vehicle Characteristics: Results from Costa Rica, The
    J Echeverría, N Johnstone, R Mejías, I Porras
    2000, Working paper - IIED, IVM
  5. Environmental Policies and Industrial Competitiveness: The choice of instrument
    N Johnstone
    1999, Report/paper - IIED
  6. Regulation of private sector participation in urban water supply and sanitation: realising social and environmental objectives in developing countries, The
    N Johnstone, L Wood, R Hearne
    1999, Discussion paper - IIED
  7. Distributional effects of environmental tax reform, The
    N Johnstone, J Alavalapati
    1998, Discussion paper - IIED
  8. Economic inequality and the urban environment: the case for water and sanitation
    N Johnstone
    1997, Discussion paper - IIED
  9. Economics of fisheries access agreements: perspectives on the EU - Senegal case, The
    N Johnstone
    1996, Discussion paper - IIED
  10. International Trade and Environmental Change: Evidence and implications for developing countries
    N Johnstone
    1996, Report/paper - IIED
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