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  1. Population dynamics and climate change
    Jose Miguel Guzman, George Martine, Gordon McGranahan, Daniel Schensul, Cecilia Tacoli
    Dec 2009, Book - IIED; UNFPA, New York
  2. Protecting Community Rights over Traditional Knowledge: Implications of customary laws and practices. Key findings and recommendations 2005-2009
    Krystyna Swiderska, Alejandro Argumedo, Yiching Song, Jingsong Li, Ruchi Pant, Heraclio Herrera, Doris Mutta, Peter Munyi, S Vedavathy
    Nov 2009, Report/paper - IIED
  3. Agrifood Sector Studies Turkey: Restructuring of agrifood chains in Turkey - The produce sector (Part A - meso study)
    A. Ali Koç, Jean-​Marie Codron, Yavuz Tekelioðlu, Sylvaine Lemeilleur, Selma Tozanli, Þafak Aksoy, Céline Bignebat, Rana Demirer, Nisa Mencet
    Feb 2008, Report/paper - Regoverning Markets/IIED
  4. The event book system: community-based monitoring in Namibia (PLA 55)
    Greg Stuart-​Hill, Richard Diggle, Bevan Munali, Jo Tagg, David Ward
    Dec 2006, Journal article - IIED
  5. A pro-poor urban agenda for Africa: Clarifying ecological and development issues for poor and vulnerable populations
    Joel Bolnick, Happy M Kayuni, Richard Mabala, Gordon McGranahan, Diana Mitlin, Sikhulile Nkhoma, John Oucho, Amal Sabri, Sarah Sabry, David Satterthwaite, Mark Swilling, Cecilia Tacoli, Richard I C Tambulasi, Mirjam van Donk
    Mar 2006, Working paper - IIED
  6. Understanding market-based livelihoods in a globalising world: combining approaches and methods
    Nazneen Kanji, James MacGregor, Cecila Tacoli
    Nov 2005, Report/paper - IIED
  7. Le cas de Aba et de sa région, dans le sud-est du Nigéria
    David Okali, Enoch Okpara, Janice Olawoye
    2001, Briefing - IIED
  8. The case of Aba and its region, south-east Nigeria
    David Okali, Enoch Okpara, Janice Olawoye
    2001, Briefing - IIED
  9. Case of Aba and its Region, Southeast Nigeria, The
    David Okali, Enoch Okpara, Janice Olawoye
    2001, Working paper - IIED/IIED
  10. Global Restructuring, Agri-Food Systems and Livelihoods
    Michel P. Pimbert, John Thompson and William T. Vorley with Tom Fox, Nazneen Kanji, Cecilia Tacoli
    2001, Report/paper - IIED
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