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  1. Pig Production, smallholders, and the transformation of value chains in China
    Xiangping Jia, Jikun Huang, Dan Wang, Huaiju Liu, Yuxi Cheng
    Mar 2014, Country report - IIED
  2. Los pequeños agricultores en la China frente a los procesos de modernización y globalización
    Jikun Huang, Xiaobing Wang, Huanguang Qiu
    May 2013, Report/paper - IIED/Hivos/Mainumby Ñakurutú
  3. Small-scale farmers in China in the face of modernisation and globalisation
    Jikun Huang, Xiaobing Wang, Huanguang Qiu
    May 2012, Report/paper - IIED/Hivos
  4. Producing and Procuring Horticultural Crops with Chinese Characteristics: The Case of Northern China.
    Honglin Wang, Xiaoxia Dong, Scott Rozelle, Jikun Huang, Thomas Reardon
    Nov 2009, Report/paper - Elsevier 2009
  5. Smallholder Incomes, Vegetable Marketing and Food Safety: Evidence from China
    Jikun Huang, Huayong Zhi, Zhurong Huang, Xiangping Jia, Scott Rozelle
    Aug 2009, Report/paper - Earthscan, London, 2008.
  6. Smallholder Incomes, Food Safety and Producing, and Marketing China's Fruit
    Jikun Huang, Yunhua Wu, Huayong Zhi, Scott Rozelle
    Jun 2008, Report/paper - Oxford Journals
  7. C1 Micro agrifood sector study - Production, marketing and impacts of market chain changes of farmers in China
    Jikun Huang, Zhurong Huang, Huayong Zhi, Yunhua Wu, Xianfang Niu, Scott Rozelle
    May 2008, Report/paper - Regoverning Markets/IIED
  8. Market chain changes in a small-farm economy: A case study of mushrooms in China
    Jikun Huang,, Zhurong Huang, Xianfang Niu, Huayuan Zhi, Suxia Wang, Dinghuan Hu
    May 2008, Case study - Regoverning Markets/IIED
  9. Agrifood Sector Studies China: Restructuring agrifood markets in China - The horticulture sector
    Jikun Huang, Xiaoxia Dong, Yuhua Wu, Huayong Zhi, Xianfang Nui, Zhurong Huang, Scott Rozelle
    Feb 2008, Report/paper - Regoverning Markets/IIED
  10. Component 1 meso synthesis
    Thomas Reardon, Jikun Huang
    Feb 2008, Report/paper - Regoverning Markets/IIED
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