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  1. Ecosystem Conservation - A neglected tool for poverty reduction
    Simon Rietbergen, Joshua Bishop and Sue Mainka
    2002, Opinion paper - IIED
  2. Land Tenure and Land Use in Southern Togo: Description of a farm household survey
    Joshua T Bishop
    2002, Report/paper - IIED
  3. Selling forest environmental services: market-based mechanisms for conservation and development
    Stefano Pagiola, Joshua T Bishop, Natasha Landell-​Mills
    2002, Book - Earthscan
  4. Economics of Non-Timber Forest Benefits: An overview, The
    J T Bishop
    1999, Report/paper - IIED
  5. Conservation, Management and Development of Forest Resources. Proceedings of the Malaysia - United Kingdom Programme Workshop 21-24 October 1996
    Lee Su See, Dan Yit May, I D Gauld, J Bishop Editors
    1998, Event/workshop report - unknown publisher
  6. Adjustment Policies and the Environment: A critical review of the literature
    Carlos E F Young, Joshua Bishop
    1995, Working paper - IIED, IVM
  7. Economics of soil degradation: an illustration of the change in productivity approach to valuation in Mali and Malawi, The
    Joshua Bishop
    1995, Discussion paper - IIED
  8. Hidden Harvest: The value of wild resources in agricultural systems - A Project Summary
    compiled by: Irene Guijit, Fiona Hinchcliffe and Mary Melnek with Josh Bishop, Derek Eaton, Michel Pimbert, Jules Pretty and Ian Scoones
    1995, Report/paper - IIED
  9. Beer and Baskets: The economics of women's livelihoods in Ngamiland, Botswana
    Josh Bishop, Ian Scoones Compiled by
    1994, Report/paper - IIED
  10. Economic Efficiency, Rent Capture and Market Failure in Tropical Forest Management
    Bruce A Aylward, Joshua Bishop, Edward B Barbier
    1993, Report/paper - IIED
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